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I feel so stressed, anxious, and depressed. How am I supposed to deal with this?

  1. Hey!

    Great question. I recently wrote an article about how I get it all done. It should be published soon. Here are a few things that help me. I make list daily and put everything in my calendar from grocery list to scheduling phone dates with my friends and family. I practice self care daily via listening to podcast, sermons, and music. I also try to work out regularly. For me personally I pour into many people daily so it is important that I replenish often. I go to therapy monthly and bounce emotions and ideas off of my friends and family I think what helps me when I feel overwhelmed is that I remember " progress beats perfection any day" and remember to pat myself on the back for what I have already accomplished. Sometimes it's helpful when I feel overwhelmed to replay all those times I was able to meet a goal or complete a task. Most importantly remember to breathe and appreciate the moment you are currently in" the process is mandatory" "nobody said it would be easy..they just promised it would be worth it" is another saying I live by. I hope this helps! All of your feelings are normal and we have all felt them.
    Christine- Moderator

    1. Yes, ! Totally agree!

      It took me a long, long time to convince myself that I deserve to live life to the fullest...and that included me learning how to do things for ME. I, like you, pour myself into others Though it's what I love, it can feel exhausting and difficult to find time to care for myself or to ask for help from others when I need it. This disease has literally opened my eyes (ha!) about not just working my tail off, but enjoying life too! My family has started traveling more and I have been going to concerts and having a BLAST! Do whatever makes you happy, when you can. It's always, always worth it.

      PS, therapy is my favorite! I go when I feel completely overwhelmed or 'off track' and it always helps.

      -Andrea, Team Member

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