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Stress and fear

I have stable Wet MD in one eye and Dry with GA in the other. I have trouble dealing with the stress that goes with it all. I fear I will have to stop driving ,even in daytime, very soon.

  1. I understand how you feel. I have dry amd in both eyes, and I worry that not driving is in my future. I know there are alternatives to driving oneself, but there is nothing like being able to jump in the car whenever you want to. I am lucky that I live in a suburb with good public transport. Are you in a city or country location? I wrote this article about alternatives to driving to convince myself that I could cope. You might find it interesting.

    1. i have GA in both eyes and like you I am concerned about driving. Living in the country driving is essential. My retinal specialist sent me to a low vision clinic . It was very helpful to learn about various aids to help me manage. I tool is bioptic glasses. You can read about them in this link. I am much less fearful about my future after the visit to the low vision clinic. Warm regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

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