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Stable wet AMD

I have been getting Avastin injections since January and the retina specialist says the wet AMD is stable - there is little or no fluid. However, my vision is worsening. Has this happened to others? I don't know what to make of this.

  1. Gale, I have dry macular degeneration and it has remained stable for the past two years. My doctor is always very pleased with my OTC scans. Like you, I have experienced worsening vision. In my case, I also have chronic dry eyes and the doctor thinks that is why my vision is getting worse. Have you ask your doctor why your vision might be worsening? Best wishes, Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. Thank you, Sharon, for responding. I did not ask him. Usually, I ask questions but this last visit I was very anxious and failed to ask that question. I will definitely ask when I see him next month.

      1. my doctor told me that, as macular degeneration usually starts off as dry, and then may turn to wet, even if the wet is under control, the dry may still progress. This is just what my doctor said to me personally, but it might be something worth asking your doctor about. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

    2. An opthalmologist I saw one time explained that to me, also. I guess I was hoping that's not the case. I will definitely bring this up with my regular doc. Thank you for your reply.

      1. it might be helpful to write down your questions before your doctor visit. If I don’t write my questions down I will usually forget something. I think the doctors appreciate it also so that they know exactly what they need to respond to.
        Let us know how it goes with you after your visit. Sharon Moore, Advocate

    3. I usually do and I, surely, will for next visit. I'll let you know. Thanks, Sharon.

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