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Anyone have any experience taking saffron supplement?

Hi, just diagnosed and researching like crazy. Just found a couple articles about the possible benefit of saffron. First saw crazy infomercial stuff then a couple legitimate studies. I'm still seeing my retinologist next Monday, and would never not take any suggested injections, but I might ask his thoughts on saffron. Areds 2 is already on my list. My basic position would be try it if he has no thought that it might hurt. Any comments would be appreciated.

  1. @herbie I have not taken it but your question prompted me to do research. I found a small study that indicated it may help both dry and wet AMD.
    My suggestion would be to discuss it with your doctor Your doctor should be able to tell you if it is safe for you to take. Even herbal remedies can interact with other medication you may be taking. I would be interested to hear what your doctor says about it. Best wishes, Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. Sharon,
      Thanks so much for the quick response. Yes, I'm going to ask my "new" doctor about saffron next Monday. One downside is she can't come with me on a visit. She's very sharp, and it always helps to have someone else asking questions.
      I'll bring a list with me. I've been checking out the Amsler grid and so far it seems stable as far as good on one eye, slightly blurry on the other. I'll do an update when I get back next week. Fortunately we live near a train station and it's a short ride to town. Usually I drive and park, but my wife's dropping me off in case I can't drive after my visit. I feel a little better about my decison since several friends have said if I had the chance I should go to Will's Eye, which is where I'm going. May as well start with the best.


      1. I am pleased to hear you are going to a top rated clinic. Taking a list of questions is a great idea, especially now that we aren’t allowed to bring a family member to our visits. I look forward to your report after the appointment. Sharon Moore Advocate.

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