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Has anyone in our community tried the steps that Dr. George Rozakis advises for Advanced Wellness?

Dr. George Rozakis is an ophthalmologist, who also has a background in Bio-Medical Engineering. He is currently the regional medical director for the LASIK Institute, and I believe he received an award for the laser he designed for LASIK surgery. In addition, he promotes Advanced Wellness.

Treating AMD

On his website, it says: "There is new hope for millions suffering from difficult to treat conditions including macular degeneration, migraines and more." His ultimate hope and goal is to treat the reasons for AMD conditions, not just the symptoms. He believes that folks with AMD issues lack certain hormones necessary for eye health, as well as other unhealthy conditions, due to "sick cells."

Has anyone actually experienced help?

He discovered that each of the drusen that contribute to AMD are full of cholesterol. His premise is that the hormones, which folks with AMD seem to lack, turn on the genes that regenerate these sick cells in the eyes and elsewhere. I was interested to know if anyone has actually experienced help from what he is offering.

  1. Hi , thanks so much for reaching out to the community! While you're waiting for others respond, I want to note that treatment can affect people very differently and, if you haven't already, it's important to consult your doctor about Dr. Rozakis's program before trying it. I've also posted your question to our Facebook page in the hopes of getting more responses from others in the community - If we receive any responses there, I will make sure to share them with you!

    Thanks again for reaching out to the community!
    - Shelby, Team Member

    1. My name is John, and I really have nothing to share about Facebook posts. The reason is, I went to one macular degeneration support group page and simply asked if anyone there had heard of Dr. Rozakis and is program and within 3 minutes was refused access to the site. The moderator then went on to bash Dr. Rozakis based on her own opinions without ever siting facts. So in lieu of Facebook posts I'll tell you the reality I have experienced. It should be noted that I, like others, have researched this to some extent because in today's society everything seems to be a scam.

      1st you fill out a medical history
      Then you supply your current medication list
      Then you get a blood test targeting all the areas with a focus on those that affect vision, it should be noted that having just taken a normal physical blood test within the 1st month with my physician, he was careful not to duplicate tests in an effort to inflate the cost. That impressed me
      then he along with Dr. Brian Bakke PhD evaluate what supplements are needed to achieve the desired affects.
      You start taking the supplements one at a time adding the next one to see if you have any reaction to that combination at which time they are adjusted.
      He has a question-and-answer portal that is available and answered honestly and very quickly.

      That's about as much as I can tell you so far except that the supplements have had a positive affect on not only my vision, but my sleep pattern, my arthritis pains and to some extent my joint swelling.

      I'm more than willing to answer any questions you may have using only the personal knowledge I have.


    2. I agree 100% with the statement that treatments can affect people differently. Along this line, I would like to point out that Dr. Rozakis suggested 9 supplements for my particular needs. He supplied a list of each supplement, it's expected results, dosages and a concern for supplement interaction by suggesting I start with the 1st supplement and adding the next supplement after a couple of days to determine if there would be an unexpected negative interaction. He also suggested that I supply his supplement recommendations list to both my general practitioner and retinal specialists. Having done this, both indicated they saw no problem with the addition of the supplements to my regiment.

  2. Hi ,
    I've had a chance to investigate this, and I've consulted with others in the Facebook group for macular degeneration where I'm the admin. I am here to share what I've found from my research as well as from feedback from others who have checked it out as well.

    Any time you are looking at what I'd call an 'alternative' to conventional medical treatment (that is, treatment that is NOT recommended or delivered by your eye specialist), there are some things to look for:

    - Any medical treatment should have been developed through the rigorous scientific process of clinical trials where safety is the first thing that is established.
    - Then the trials look at what amount/dose of the treatment is not only effective but safe.
    - Any adverse events are recorded and monitored.
    - The last part of the process is FDA approval. Although the FDA does not regulate supplements, they do evaluate and approve medications and medical procedures.
    - During this process, the results of the research are published in professional journals where their peers give feedback (other researchers & scientists; called 'peer review&apos😉 to help evaluate what went on.

    The Rozakis 'treatment' sells (it's expensive) what I think can be considered a medical treatment. It's not a supplement, not vitamins, or other alternatives that may not be a big problem for most healthy people (but I always urge people to talk to their eye specialist before trying anything).
    - He states that he will tell you "Why Retina Specialists are no longer the authority to treat Macular Degeneration." WARNING: If a person has wet AMD and is NOT treated by their retinal specialist, there's a high likelihood of losing all central vision.
    - He has not done any clinical trials, so we have no information as to whether it's safe, what side effects there might be, what interactions with other diseases, supplements or medication may occur.
    - With no clinical trials, we have no idea what an effective and safe dose would be. Is it the same for everyone? Is it too much or too little?
    - He has not published any results of any research in peer-reviewed journals.
    - He relies on anecdotal evidence from case studies: that means, he looks at one person at a time. There's no placebo group to see if the results are from the 'treatment' or not. There's no use of the standards of scientific research to compare the results of multiple people.

    I know that until there's a cure for AMD or a treatment for dry AMD or an alternative to injections for wet AMD, it's normal to look for alternatives. I know it's frustrating that good scientific research takes time. I also know that conventional medicine doesn't help everyone. I just urge you to be very cautious - do your research, talk to your eye specialist before you do anything that you can't 'undo' later.

    In the 4 years I've been working with people who have macular degeneration, I have seen more and more companies and people trying to sell unproven and potentially dangerous 'treatments.' Here's an article I wrote that will explain in further detail what I've written and why it's important:

    Thanks for reading, please be careful! Linda...

    1. I am writing concerning the response to . I have no doubt that you did this investigation and consulted with others in the Facebook group but I do doubt that you did it with an open mind. I simply ask a question one day in a professed AMD support group and was immediately removed for simply asking if anybody knew of Dr. Rozakis and his wellness program. In today’s society as it exists everyone is fearful of being scammed, and rightfully so. However, we cannot allow this fear to stop us from possibly finding an answer to a problem just because it doesn’t have the gold seal of approval from a government agency like the FDA.

      Your correct in your statement that what Dr. Rozakis has come up with is definitely an” alternative” to conventional medical treatments”. However, you do miss the mark by stating, in caps no less, that it is NOT recommended or delivered by an eye specialist. I have probably 2 of the best RS (retinal specialists) in my area and sent them a complete outline of the program and a list of the recommended supplements. They researched the program for well over 2 weeks and actually gave me a phone call stating that they had no problem with the addition of supplements to my daily routine. They were pleased when I told them that this program did not want me to alter any of my current treatments from their offices as well as any medications, I was currently taking from my Family Dr.

      Now to address your routine for the development of new medical treatments.
      1. There doesn’t seem to be any government testing or clinical trials for supplements. I am not sure but I think it’s due to the fact that supplements don’t have a classification like for example narcotics or class I drugs. I may be wrong and would be open to any education on that. I do however believe that nobody wanted to see the FDA approvals for One-A-Day vitamins or Flintstone vitamins that they give to their children. They are supplements!
      2. I’m not even sure these are called dietary supplements, but for the sake of argument let’s assume that they are giving a broad path to the word dietary. The DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) sets and monitors the safety guidelines applied to dietary supplements. We can’t be discouraged just because they haven’t undergone some pricey clinical government studies. Would the smallpox vaccine have done a better job had it been lab tested to meet with your standards as opposed to the way Edward Jenner did in 1796? Basically, he pricked a smallpox blister then injected a small amount of that fluid under the skin of an 8-year-old boy.
      3. Dr. Rozakis partnered with a Dr. Brian Bakke PhD to come up with a possible solution to several ailments, and in Dr. Rozakis case ARMD was his primary ailment. Dr. Bakke earned his PhD in bio organic chemistry in 2004. His extensive education and experience background can be found on the following website: I guess the question now exists, “Just how many professionals does it take to satisfy everyone”?
      4. Dr. Rozakis has never once told, or indicated, in any way that my current retinal specialists are no longer the authority as you stated. Quote: “He states that he will tell you “Why Retina Specialists are no longer the authority to treat Macular Degeneration.” End Quote: The only statement he has ever made with regards to retinal specialists is that they treat the damage caused by macular degeneration and do their best, with drugs, to quell the advancement of the disease. I was told specifically to maintain my current regiment of treatment with both my retinal specialist and my family doctor.
      5. In reference to your clinical trials and your publications for peer review and case studies, I think you need to do a lot more research. He and Dr. Bakke PhD have not only done their due diligence but are extremely open about their techniques their goals and all aspects of their supplement treatments. They have both supplied papers covering this process and to date have had No One offer Proof that it won’t work. I deal first with Facts and then with possibilities. Fact, there are several indications that supplements have some benefits or One-A Day and Flintstone vitamins wouldn’t be so popular. Fact there are NO indisputable studies to disprove the possible benefits. The possibility of this being beneficial is greater than the possibility of it not so as a sufferer of ARMD, I hope for the best. As far as the standards of scientific research to compare the results to, I once again refer you to Edward Jenner in 1796. He had millions of dead people from smallpox and one small 8-year-old boy who developed an immunity based on his actions. Where was the comparison? And do you doubt the findings because it had no data to compare it to? Perhaps the people enrolled in this program today are the group that people will be compared to in the future. Who knows? Perhaps we are that eight-year-old boy!

  3. I've been on the program for 40 days in hopes of getting help for the dry macular degeneration in my R eye. I am very much pleased with the program due to my encouraging preliminary results thus far. I feel ithat DR Rozakis's expertise and strategy utilizing the functional genetic, hormone, and blood testing results is the key strategy in my progress . The program portal is very responsive to my questions. I previously had been very much dismayed with my retina specialists. I did tons of research before seeking out this program.

    1. I know many of our community members have been very interested in hearing some personal experiences from others about this program, so I really appreciate you chiming in and sharing yours . I'm so glad to hear you've been pleased so far and am wishing you continued success! Hope you'll continue to keep us posted.
      - Shelby, Team Member

    2. I have to agree that their program portal is very responsive. I have never once asked a question or had a concern that wasn't addressed almost immediately. I too have had a problem with my right eye and been taking shots for over 10 years. Within the 1st month of taking his supplements the right eye stabilized and cleared just enough to allow it to work in conjunction with the left eye giving me a full picture again where before I would have to focus on a single point every time I changed what I was looking at. I also have started sleeping all night long, my arthritis has diminished in severity and my joint swelling seems to be going down a little also. I believe if I change my diet of what I eat a little, that will definitely assist.

      Best of luck with your future of healing. Keep in touch


  4. I have been following Dr.'s office as plan for about 2 1/2 months now. It's hard to describe the distortion and problems I had in my right eye but suffice it to say they were significant enough to prevent both eyes working together to see a full picture. After starting program in the 1st month the distortion in the right eye lessened enough and stabilized to a point where the brain was able to process the data from both eyes together and form one picture without having to focus on a single spot. As I said it's hard to explain. What I do know about Dr. Rozakis's program is while naysayers harp on the fact that it's not tested and hasn't been proven makes me wonder would we be flying today if they had been around with Wilbur and Orville Wright and they believed their negativity. I can almost hear them now saying, "man's never flown before", and "if God had wanted man to fly he would've given him wings". In all my dealings with the doctor and his staff, all of my questions have been answered my freedom to choose is never been hampered and the results are encouraging.

    Before I give my results I would like to remind everyone that his program is designed to use supplements to beef up or otherwise adjust the bodies cellular functions to promote positive results. This is done through an evaluation of blood tests and medical histories and the introduction of supplements into the diet. And before anyone gets critical about supplements, I would like to add, "have you ever taken a One-A-Day vitamin or given the kids a Flintstone vitamin"? Is the same thing, but they never asked me to take a blood test for those and nobody cares how it affects me personally. Now for my results! As early as the 1st week, I found myself actually sleeping all night long which was not totally normal for me as the 1st month ended the clarity of my right eye was definitely improved from what it was before the program. At 71 years of age I noticed my normal arthritis pains had diminished, and my joints especially my ankles don't quite swell is much. All in all, I will continue his supplements and if I have to, pay for all the blood tests myself until I can determine personally that it doesn't work. So far, that's not the case.

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