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Recommendation for good magnifying glass for dry macular degeneration

Which magnifiers have you found the best for dry macular degeneration?

  1. I have a hand held magnifier but my favorite isthe magnifier app for my IPhone. It is lighted and you can adjust the level of magnification. I have intermediate dry macular degeneration. Best wishes, Sharon Moore advocate

    1. I am attaching a link to an organization mentioned by one of our advocates in a previous story. These people seem to supply many different types of magnifying devices. I've never used them, so this isn't a recommendation, just somewhere you could perhaps get more information, even over the phone. They might talk to you about the different kinds of devices. Community members have also suggested that if you buy something, it is on the basis that you can return it if not suitable. I feel that I would have to try a magnifier before I bought it. Another avenue of assistance might be a low vision centre. Usually they will show you what is available, and perhaps let you try it, even before you really need it. You might do an internet search for one near you, or ask any optometrist or eye specialist where a centre is. I took my mother to a centre like this, and they helped her with magnifiers. I hope you have some success. Warm wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

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