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I was diagnosed with Wet MD recently, and had my first treatment of Avastin. I am active 57 year old man, my doctor said I was on the younger side of having MD. I swear, I never even heard of MD until last week, and they had to explain to me what it was. So, the whole thing has been a shock to me and I am still processing it. I am trying to keep an upbeat attitude, but I have had my ups and downs this past week. Everyone here looks like a friendly bunch. I guess I am looking for words of wisdom and encouragement in general, and any stories detailing experiences of Avastin in particular. Has it slowed down the progress for you? Has anyone regained vision because of it? Thanks!

  1. Hi @Champ, welcome to! A new diagnosis can be hard, but good for you for trying to stay upbeat! The thought of losing vision can be scary and worrisome, but vision loss is a slow process, especially if you're receiving anti-VEGF treatment. Have you had your first injection? Here's a compilation of articles on eye injections and dealing with a new diagnosis: and . I'll let our advocates and the community chime in on their experiences with Avastin below. Thinking of you, Sonia ( Team Member)

    1. thank you for the welcome!

  2. welcome to the club no one wants to join, I was diagnosed 9 yrs ago and an still in play. I've had over 80 injections and my wet AMD eye is still 20/30 or so. Avastin is good, I've had all 4 anti-VEGF meds, Avastin, Lucentis, Eylea and Beovu. Everyone is different and your RS needs time to find the right anti-VEGF med for you. Remember, this disease is a “slow mover” and we are here as support for you whenever you have questions. Hang in there man! Best, Richard-Advocate/patient

    1. Thanks Richard. Love the pieces you have written on this site. You seem like a great resource.

      1. I started my injections with Avastin, and so far it has kept my macular degeneration from progressing. It’s been about 5 years. I’m on a seven week schedule at the moment and if the next one is still stable we’ll go out to eight. My vision is still almost perfect, so there is hope. I too was diagnosed early, at 58, but it stayed early dry for a long time. Have you looked into what lifestyle changes can help? This is a great article to start: Good luck on this journey, and please keep us informed on how you’re doing, Cora Lyn, Team Member

        1. I love those articles. Yes, I will have to make some lifestyle changes. Can't hurt, right? Thanks so much for your encouragement.

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