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Blind Fails

Share any embarrassing moments you may have had because of low vision. For example, getting into the wrong car, using the wrong ingredients, etc.

  1. I feel pretty mortified every time I can't read the menu from the wall of a fast food restaurant and have to say something like, "Sorry, I can't read that." Or, even when I have to get all the way out of my car to read the menu from the drive through when I'm a passenger. That has to look ridiculous, but over the years I've just gotten used to it. I can't wait to see what everyone else has experienced. -Andrea, Team Member

    1. I have the same problem with those menus. Or for that matter anything I read. I also have to use very bright lights to see better.

  2. Andrea, you may be able to use the idea I got from a YouTube channel that Suggestion when you need to read a menu you can use your iPhone take a picture of it and then enlarge the picture. That would probably work for both the Drive-through and walk up counter. You can step behind the line of people in the walk-up counter and take a picture. By the time you are up to the counter, you’ll know what you want. 😃😉

    1. that is a great tip! I take pictures of all kinds of things so I can enlarge it enough to read it. Thanks for sharing, Sharon Moore Advocate

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