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Slowly Going Blind

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with AMD. I take my my eye vitamins daily. Everything went fine until I learned I had cataracts. Sure, they can be removed, however, another problem arose. I developed corneal dystrophy. In order to take care of the problem I would have to have a cornea transplant..with NO guarantee that I would retain my sight. I opted out of the surgery. What's the difference? Go blind naturally or surgically? I'm 74 and still do my beadwork.

  1. I certainly feel for you facing a decision of whether to have corneal surgery! Especially with no guarantee of retaining your sight. I hope your doctor respected your decision not to go ahead. What about the cataracts? Are you going to have them removed? I will find the decision about having my cataracts removed hard enough to make in due course. Warm wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

    1. Yes, my doctor respected my decision. However, they wanted to do the corneal surgery and the cataracts at the same time. I still have my sight and it seems like the good Lord is guiding my way.

      1. I hope things work out OK for you with your sight. We can only do what we think is best. Are you going to keep touching base with your doctor in the future? Wendy, Advocate.

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