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Wet Macular Degeneration, Injections, and Retinal Photos

For anyone having injections for wet macular degeneration, does your doctor take your retinal photo (OCT) on the same day as your injection or at a previous visit? My father's first doctor took the OCT and gave the injection straight after. His second doctor takes the OCT on one visit, and then gets him to come back weeks later for the injection. It seems like an extra visit, but there must be a reason. What do other doctors do? Wendy - Advocate.

  1. I have dry A M D and don't get injections but I have driven my Mom and later my sister for many injections. They have their OCT and their injections the same day. Sharon Moore,Advocate

    1. Thanks for letting me know that, Sharon. I really don't understand the scheduling with my father's treatment. I'll have to check with the doctor. Wendy - Advocate.

  2. I have wet AMD in both eyes. I have retinal photo's of both eyes every month before my injections. Every other month, a dye is injected in my arm along with dilatation of both eyes. I am currently injected with Beovu OS.

    1. Thanks for your reply, .If you don't mind sharing, when you have the dye injected in your arm and the dilation of both eyes every other month, why is the doctor doing that? Is it to allow a better photo than the "ordinary" retinal photo? I think my father had that once, and never again.

  3. I have wet AMD in both eyes for the last 11-1/2 years and have had shots every 4-6 weeks for the past 3-1/2 years. Left eye was wet/inactive for 1 year and no shots. Have scans of both eyes to determine if i need shots. I see the scans as well as the scan from the month before for comparison and then i get shots. I go to a Rentinologist.

    1. Thanks for your reply. One year without shots in one eye was a good response. It seems you get your scans and then injection (if needed) on the same day. I wish they would do that for my father. Best wishes - Wendy - Advocate.

  4. Years ago they did a dye in me but i don't think they do that anymore and now use scans. I would question having to come back for the shots - sounds like an extra office visit charge that is not necessary. The scan is used to see if you need the shots and if you do they should be done same day. Waiting 2 weeks will not improve the situation but may make it worse!

    1. Yes , thanks, what you're saying sounds sensible. It's not easy for a 96 year old to make all these visits. I'm thinking the doctor sets aside one day of the week for office visits and scans, and another day of the week for the injections in the surgical rooms. It streamlines things for her but makes things more difficult for patients. Wendy - Advocate

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