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New to wet AMD

Good morning, I have 2 mother in laws. Long story on how I have 2. But they are both in their 90s and one has been living with AMD since she was in her 70s. The other just recently lost some of her sight and she is just 90. As a concerned son in law how do you think I can best help these two ladies?

  1. Hi Jamess2345,
    It warms my heart that you are seeking help and advice for these 2 older ladies! I’ll be glad to throw in my 2 cents. I’m a 71 year old male that’s been treated for wet AMD for the past 8 years. I’ve had a bunch of injections during this time. This sounds scary but the bottom line is I have close to my original baseline vision. The key for you will be getting these nice ladies to an RS! An RS is a retinal Specialist. They are at the top of the food chain for wet AMD and do the anti-VEGF injections. A retina specialist is a medical doctor who has specialized in ophthalmology and sub-specialized in diseases and surgery of the vitreous body of the eye and the retina. This subspecialty is sometimes known as vitreoretinal medicine. Retina specialists are highly trained. ... Ophthalmology residency - 3 years. I hope this is the guidance you were seeking? If you have any further questions, please just ask. Richard- team member.

    1. Thank you very much for your response. It is greatly appreciated.


    2. Richard offered you great advice. In addition, I would ask each of them what you could do to help them In their daily life. For instance, they might need additional lighting in the kitchen or other areas of the house. They make battery operated Led lights that really help. I am sure there are other things as well like driving them for appointments etc. God bless you for thinking of them both. Sharon Moore Advocate

  2. That is the most encouraging news ever!!! My mother had the wet AMD and had the volatile IV treatment, but she still was legally blind. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It is encouraging! I agree, ! -Andrea, Team Member

  3. I recommend purchasing AREDS 2 vitamins supplements to treat intermediate-stage dry macular degeneration. Use of these vitamins reduced the risk of disease progression by as much as 19 percent and/or of vision loss by 25 percent.
    Not all vitamin supplements are equal, the only two that I have found that contain the complete formulation are Ocufit and Systane (both capsules and chewable tablets). All of the others do not have the complete AREDS 2 recommended quantities of each ingredient.

    PreserVision Eye Vitamin & Mineral also has the complete formulation if two capsules are taken daily.

    1. thanks for your research on AREDS vitamins. I have always taken the Preservision formula two daily. At my last visit my RS told me about the Walmart Equate brand that is identical in formulation to the Preservision. It is a lot cheaper. Sharon Moore Advocate

    2. Preservision is spending loads of money on their ad campaign. Here's the comparison to the AREDS 2 Formula to Equate:

      The AREDS 2 Formula
      lutein 10 milligrams (mg)
      zeaxanthin 2mg.
      vitamin C 500mg.
      vitamin E 400IU.
      zinc oxide 25mg
      copper oxide 2mg.

      Equate Vision Formula 50+ 2 tablets
      lutein10 mg
      zeaxanthin 2 mg
      vitamin C 300 mg
      vitamin E 60 mg
      zinc oxide 18 mg
      copper oxide 2 mg

      This formulation is low on vitamin C, E and zinc oxide compared to the AREDS 2 formulation.

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