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MD and deafness

I dont have MD yet and pray i dont get it but my mom had it so i know i can
My concern is im deaf and worry if i do get MD how will i communicate with not seeing people?

  1. I hope you don't develop macular degeneration, but if you do, it often progresses very slowly. You will hopefully have time to prepare. You will be able to go to a Low Vision Centre where they can help you with strategies for communicating. And even if it does progress, you don't go completely blind, as you usually retain your peripheral vision, which means you can see to the sides. Regular checks with your optometrist or Retinal Specialist will help pick up macular degeneration early if you do develop it. There are some lifestyle changes you can make if you are worried about developing macular degeneration You might also like to read about the Mediterranean Diet which is often suggested for people worried about macular degeneration Best wishes for your sight, Wendy, Patient Leader.

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