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Macular degeneration has taught me...

What has macular degeneration taught you? Cora recently wrote an article on Lessons Macular Degeneration Has Taught Me, and I'm curious what everyone else's experience has been.

  1. Macular degeneration taught me the value of having an annual dilated eye exam. My optometrist saw something worrisome and decided to do an OCT test the sane day. The test showed my early AMD. The second thing macular degeneration taught me was do my own research any time I received a new diagnosis. My optometrist did not tell me to start using the AREDS2 formula vitamins. Unfortunately my right eye advanced quickly to the intermediate phase before I found out I should be taking those vitamins. Since starting the vitamins my vision has remained stable.

    1. Good one, Sharon. I should have definitely included it! Thanks for the reminder, Cora Lyn, Team Member

      1. Well, I went through the five stages of grief:
        I now am grateful for each day and want to make the best of the time I have. It also has me planing what I will do if I lose all my central vision. I've got a “Plan B” sort of worked out. I just got tired of being scared about my disease. I'm trying to play the cards that have been dealt and stay happy. I am “semi-successful” at it. Best, Richard-Advocate

        1. Always always wear sun glasses!

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