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Do Krill supplements help with wet AMD?

I was diagnosed with wet AMD and my question is I’m not a big fish person and to help get my omega three supplement take krill oil twice a day. I have heard somewhere that the supplements don’t work, so if they don’t work why am I taking Krill? Some help and this will be greatly appreciated thank you.

  1. Hi Joel, great question!

    I'm not sure about the specifics for taking krill supplements, but in general, supplement absorption varies based on what you eat with it. If you're looking for alternatives or additions to krill oil as an omega-3 supplement, one of our advocates wrote an article that lists nuts and nut butters as a high source of omega-3. You can read the full article at

    I hope this helps!
    Sonia - Team Member

    1. Joel a great plant based source of omega 3 is chia seeds. I add them to oatmeal, muffins, or add water to them to make an egg substitute. Ground flaxseeds are also a good source. Sharon Moore Advocate

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