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Is this wet MD?


During a routine check-up (48-year-old male), the optometrist observed that -

1. for one of the eyes the visual acuity has reduced from 6/7.5 (June 2019) to 6/12+2 now.

2. On macula OCT, early RPE changes were seen at the fovea.

3. Amsler is normal.

They have advised a routine, non-urgent referral for me to an opthalmologist (clinic type: retina incl ARMD).

This is obviously quite scary and unexpected.

I had no idea of this condition, I did not understand the gravity of the situation and hence, did not really know to ask questions. After trying to google some of the terms from the referral letter, I now understand this a bit.

I am now waiting for the hospital appointment. Does anyone know what to expect? Is this a sign of wet macular degeneration and hence, more rapid sight loss / need for invasive treatments?

  1. Not being a medical professional I can’t interpret your results. I would take it as a positive sign that your referral was non-urgent. In my experience with wet ARMD, they would want you to be seen right away. You will know more once you see the retinal specialist. In the mean time it would help to learn about the disease. Here is a link
    Best wishes, Sharon Moore

    1. Thanks. Will wait for seeing the consultant. The appointment was booked for yesterday but has been delayed since the consultant was not feeling well. Nerve-wracking times.

      1. thanks ...the doctor says it is definitely not MD. According to them there is nothing to worry. I'll get another scan done from a different optometrist anyway.

      2. I am so glad for you to learn you do not have macular degeneration. I can understand you erring on the side of caution with a second scan. As we age, we become more likely to have health problems including our eyes. Even though you don’t have MD it is still a good idea to eat more green leafy veggies and include fish in your diet. Wearing wraparound sunglasses can help prevent cataracts among other things. Best wishes and thanks for the update. Sharon Moore Advocate

    2. thanks a lot. I am not sure I am completely out of the woods. The doctors and opticians observations are quite vague. It seems things are fine at the moment but we need to keep an eye. One strange observation is my myopia and astigmatism getting worse - especially in the left eye. I'll definitely follow your suggestions. Also, may be long working on laptops/ mobile devices during lockdown is having worse impact on people suffering from myopia (I have had myopia for almost all my life)

      1. I certainly agree that prolonged time on mobile devices impacts our eyes. Mine often feel tired and blurry necessitating a break from screen time. I am glad you are keeping a close eye on your vision. I am including a link about myopic macular degeneration since you mentioned your myopia is worsening. Stay in touch, Sharon. Moore advocate

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