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Is there anything you wish you had done differently in your eye health journey?

Do you wish you had seen an eye doctor sooner or started vitamins or treatments earlier? Curious to hear others' experiences - feel free to share below!

  1. I think about this exact thing so often, @shelby-comito. With AMD becoming so prevalent, and from it seeming like such a shocking diagnosis from so many of our community members, it hurts my heart to know that there is so much we can do to help prevent severe vision loss, but often it's too late when we find out. I wish there was some way to help EVERYONE become more aware of the possibility of this disease so they can choose what they want to do about it earlier in life. Such a great question and discussion topic...I'm eager to hear what others have to say. -Andrea, Team Member

    1. I wish I had become more educated on AMD years ago. My Grandmother had it and so did my Mother. I was aware of AMD but never realized how second hand smoke, sun and diet can play a factor, Until I was diagnosed in 2008, then I read everything I could get on AMD. I wish I had knew more sooner in life, and maybe could have prevented it or at least prolonged it. I helped my Mom for years and became more aware of what happens as you get older by assisting her and taking her for exams, that helped prepare me for the future.

      1. Hi I became aware of AMD through my mother too. Good on you for doing your research in 2008. Knowing what guidelines to follow regarding diet and lifestyle since then has probably helped slow the progression of the condition. Did your doctor ask you to take the AREDS2 supplements and use the Amsler Grid? Best wishes. Wendy - Advocate.

        1. 1. Smoked from age 18-25. Mother smoked. I didn’t know about MD and smoking but I knew smoking was bad.

          2. Always was a sun worshiper. I wore sunglasses most of the time but I’m not sure they really helped. And of course I knew about skin cancer but I didn’t know about macular degeneration and sun.

          3. My diet has always been very good in terms of vitamins and minerals. I just have always had a little bit of a trouble with quantity. And I probably always eat too much sugar. I know I eat too much sugar!

          4. My family was very small. My mother and father were both only children. And both of them died before age 60. And three of my four grandparents died by age 65. So I didn’t know of any person in my family with macular degeneration probably because they didn’t live long enough to develop it. I developed it at age 78.

          As I said in an earlier post I found out that I had the genetic possibility of macular degeneration from both parents when I took the 23 and me genetic test. But that was only three years ago. And I still didn’t have a definite indication that I would develop macular degeneration.

          I want to do some research on the factors that affect the development of macular degeneration. But I really don’t think I ever would’ve live my life differently if I known macular degeneration was a part of the possibilities from sun and smoking.


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