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Injections for wet amd

Why do some people not respond as others to the VEGF drugs. I have not responded well to Eylea, and now, although slightly better, Vabysmo. But other people are getting good results with Vabysmo with longer periods between shots, but not me.

  1. that is a very good question! I'm not a medical person, but just from discussions in this group I know that there are many variables. Some people catch the wet amd early and may have better results than those who catch it later. Some people have to start on a less expensive drug for insurance purposes and then can move on to another drug if necessary. The next drug may or may not work better. I know there are different sub-types of macular degeneration, but I'm not qualified to discuss those. Some people can have the interval between shots extended enormously, and others seem to need them more often. These aren't answers to your question, unfortunately. I'm just agreeing with you. The variations are enormous. And this is not to mention that some people get scarring and others do not. I think this just reinforces the fact that we need a very experienced Retinal Specialist to help us. Perhaps the interval between your shots with Vabysmo might eventually increase. I hope so! Warm wishes, Wendy, Patient Leader.

    1. I started injections for wet 11/22. Given Vabysmo injections since 5-16-23 and never been spaced longer than 5 weeks apart. Thankful but keep hoping I’ll improve enough to go longer between shots. I like my retina specialist and the procedure goes like an assembly line- a well-oiled machine. She told me she has no patient going 4 months between shots yet.
      Thank you all for your information.

    2. thank you for sharing with us and keeping us posted. It seems to be going fairly well for you. It's good when you have confidence in your specialist. Fingers crossed for a lengthening of the break between injections in due course. Wendy, Patient Leader.

  2. What was the cost of injections. I am about to see a Retinologist for my dry Eye. My Eye Doctor has said that I may qualify for injections and am concerned about the costs

    1. if you have insurance the injections should be covered. Depending upon your plan you may have a copay. Medicare part B covers the injections. I am getting injections of Izervay for geographic atrophy. Warmly, Sharon Moore patient leader

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