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how long after injection for WMD can I see improvement in vision

I was RX with wet macular degeneration in my right eye a week ago. The next day I had an injection by a retinal specialist. 8 days later I can not see any improvement in my blurry vision with wiggly lines and a dark spot in my central vision. When can I expect to see am improvement. I am scheduled for another injection is 6 weeks.

  1. Hi Elwoz, everyone is different. I would definitely share this with your RS. I’ve had wet AMD in my right eye for 9 years and have had over 80 injections. I’ve had all 4 anti-VEGF medicines; Avastin, Lucentis, Eylea and Beovu. I usually have a small improvement in clarity for a few weeks post shot, then my eyes go back to their version of normal. But sometimes after a shot, I am blurry and don’t get improvement in clarity but the the blurry effect goes away in a few days. My experience is that the shots don’t improve our vision as much as they hold the disease at bay. It’s been 9 years for me and that eye is hanging in there at 20/30 or so. Wishing you well! Richard -Advocate

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