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How did you find out you have MD?

I found out in 2 stages.
1. I had the 23&Me genetic testing. They test for genetic diseases, and I came out with MD from both sides of my family. The probability for me was still only increased, nothing definite. I really wasn't worried at all.
This was about 3-4 years ago and I read about MD, mentioned it to my Ophthalmologist at my yearly exam, and downloaded the Amsler Chart and checked. No MD.
Then this year, on a Sunday night, January 24, I noticed that it was hard to focus my eyes, and I couldn't get the font right, or the distance of the screen from my eyes right. I got out the Amsler Chart, and the right side was caved in, and there was a grey cloud in the middle of the caved in part.
By Tuesday, January 26, I saw a retinal specialist, and after the tests I had the diagnosis. Dry MD in my left eye (didn't have a clue!) and Wet MD in my right eye.
I had the first injection of Eylea, with three more monthly appointments set up. Needless to I was blindsided (excuse the horrible term!) by this...I was very emotional, exhausted from the extensive testing, and generally upset.
Now, two weeks later I feel much better. It is SO important to me to have this forum for support.
Thanks, Elaine

  1. I found out early in November. I went to the ophthamologist to be evaluated to see if my cataracts were ready to be operated on. The next thing I knew he looked in my left eye and started talking about Drusen and Macular Degeneration! I had no idea of any of it. Turned out I had dry in both eyes, but the left was worse. I had the cataracts done, and thank God I now have 20/20 vision!!! I went back for my one week checkup after having the 2nd cataract done and I told the doctor that I was seeing changes in my grid. He recommended a retina specialist and suddenly he says my left eye has turned wet and he’s going to give me a shot that day! YIKES!!!!!
    I, too, was blindsided with all of it. I know I’m very lucky, tho, because it hasn’t affected my vision at all. I just pray that the doctors can keep it that way. They think we caught it early. Believe me, I have done more than my share of crying and being emotional. I’m the kind that my mind goes straight to the worst case scenario. It’s been 3 months now and I’m feeling better. My husband has been a huge support. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I have found this forum to be supportive and educational. I am so glad I found it. Take care.

    1. we're glad you found the forum, too. The community is very supportive and the website is full of very useful information. Wendy - Advocate.

    2. How wonderful to find all of you: Brown Eyed Girl, Cora Lyn, mrsbedbug, Msklvr!

      This week my Ophthalmologist showed me that after only one injection, my macula was much improved, although the bleeding was still there.

      I had the second injection on Tuesday (Feb. 23) and today I checked the Amsler Grid. I still have some distortion on the grid from my right eye (the eye with Wet MD). I can't tell if it is improved over BEFORE I had any injections, but I rather think so.

      I can't seem to find any articles that discuss prognosis and I want to know how long it will be before I will be legally blind. Well, I know 'YMMV' (Your Mileage May Vary), meaning each case is different.

      There are several people in my "community" (I live in a retirement community) who are legally blind with MD. I've talked to some of them, and they had injections for sometimes up to 5 years, but finally stopped because the injections weren't working anymore.

      I know it is useless to worry about the future, and I know you all understand how important it is to me to be able to read, to be able to play games, and watch Netflix and Amazon!

      I'm severely disabled (braces and a walker) and I already have more than my share of "conditions". I had to give up driving over 4 years ago. So a great deal of my time is spent on my life line to the world.

      I guess since it's only been just over a month since my diagnosis, I am expecting too much to be calm and accepting. It's a process and takes time.

      Anyway, I appreciate that you are all here, as I begin this new journey.


  2. So sorry to hear, Elaine. Not sure if there were much you could have done to prevent it developing, other than not smoking and eating healthy. We are so lucky that the shots help! So lucky!

    1. We are SO lucky to have the shots. My doctor told me that science is saving my eyesight. He said if this had happened just 20 years ago I would already be blind in my left eye and headed there in my right eye. That really jolted me. 20 years isn’t that long. God bless all scientists!!!

      1. I too was very emotional for a couple of weeks after receiving my diagnosis in May. Very anxious about losing my independence. I felt so much better after finding this community. I have myopic MD which is somewhat different, and I don’t have a “wet”component so the shots aren’t an option at this point. It might sound funny but another thing that helped me was just to accept it. I thought to myself, hey I’ve been wanting to learn a new language, I can learn Braille! There is a whole new world out there to be discovered! Well I probably won’t lose my sight to that degree as it turns out but when a door closes, a window is opening, if you look for it.

      2. What a great attitude, ! It does make such a difference, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing it, Cora Lyn, Team Member

    2. @elalined I'm glad that you used the Amsler Grid and then went straight to your specialist. The sooner the wet form is found, the better, as you know. I hope the Eylea injection went well, and that you respond well to the injections. Wendy - Advocate.

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