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Is anyone aware of non-3D goggles that will hold a mobile phone as a screen?

  1. Hi, . I personally am not aware of any. I wonder if any of our other team members or community members may know of some. Would you mind telling me what you would use it for so I can better look into it for you? We will get back to you soon. -Andrea, Team Member

    1. Hi Andrea,
      I am a retired research scientist with a special interest in imaging. My macular degeneration has now reached the centre of my 'good' eye.
      Mobile phones are great for magnifying the field of view using either their own camera or an external one using a WiFi link and app (I fly a camera on a kite line).
      Phones can magnify both distant views and close-ups. Cheap phone goggles are widely available for watching split screen 3D movies. Such goggles can have their internal parts removed and the the eyepieces replaced with a single Fresnel lens to view the whole screen. If an external camera is not being used, a hole has to be added at the front of the goggles in front of the phone's camera lens. Then the cameras field of view can be viewed as standard or magnified using the digital zoom.
      I have been unable to find any off-the-shelf 2D phone goggles and wondered if anyone else had found any.

      1. I had a friendly response from Samsung:

    2. Hello, I admit that I don't fully understand exactly what you're looking for regarding the goggles. However, there are several wearable assistive technology devices designed for low-vision available on the market right now. Iris Vision, Patriot Viewpoint, CyberEyez, etc. I have tested them all and they all work very well for macular degeneration. You can find video overviews on my YouTube channel, The Blind Life.
      However, I would also recommend looking into Google Cardboard. It's a DIY style VR headset that you can find on Amazon for about $12. I believe you could customize it to fit your particular needs.
      I hope this helps!

      1. Samuel,
        That is what I have been looking for 😮)
        I will go have a look at your YouTube channel.
        I am familiar with the cardboard one and have ordered a couple including: to have a go at converting. Good focusing is important to prevent eye strain.
        There are also the ones by Cinema2Go with an open front.

      2. Wow!
        Some nearly $3,000.

    3. Also, here is a video I made using the Google Cardboard with a free video magnifier app. The results are pretty impressive!

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