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Funny moments?

How many others have had an experience caused by macular degeneration which has, in retrospect, been a funny story to tell? Perhaps one where you hope no one else saw, or noticed. Something like my “I love Lucy” story, , or the time my friend wore white concealer as lipstick and carried it off beautifully. Something to make us smile or even laugh out loud.

  1. I was preparing a pie for a church dinner. I laid my baggie with chopped pecans on the kitchen island and left the kitchen for a few moments. In the mean time my husband paid a similar baggie with bird seed on the bar. Yep, I put the birdseed on top of my pie. I didn’t take the pie to church but we scraped the seed off the top and ate the pie. With worsening vision, I have learned to look more closely to make sure I am using the right ingredient in a recipe. I have also learned to laugh at my mistakes . Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. Love it, ! I’m sure there must be many more stories to come. Cora Lyn

      1. I loved reading the stories and comments about funny experiences with macular degeneration. Having a little laugh or chuckle is so good for us! I hope other people will share their humorous escapades. I was sure I would have a funny experience to recant after our family's 20 plus years' experience with macular degeneration. But right at this moment, try as I may, I can only think of the mishaps that have been traumatic, rather than funny. There have been things eaten that were not food, water drunk that was not water, and drops that were not eye-drops put in eyes. Amazingly, everyone survived with no harm done at all. We have been lucky! I shall keep trying to remember funny moments - there must have been some! Wendy, Advocate.

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