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Do you experience floaters in your vision? If so, did you start to notice them before or after your injections? How do you find yourself dealing with them? Share below!

  1. @abbyschmidt I have lots of floaters in both eyes. I had them even before I was diagnosed with dry AMD in both eyes. The number seemed to increase recently so I went back to my doctor. She said there is nothing wrong. I see them more clearly when I look at a large area like the sky or still water. They are annoying but don't really worry me. Wendy, Advocate.

    1. I'm so glad to hear you made an appointment and were told that they were not worrisome! All my best, Abby ( team member).

  2. I have dry AMD but I have had floaters for several years. Some look like spots but I also see spider web type when I look up. While driving I experienced a floater that looked like a worm crawling across my vision. It lasted several minutes and was impossible to ignore. Thankfully it stopped after a few minutes. Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. That's so great that the most bothersome floater settled and went away after a few minutes! They can be such a nuisance and hard to ignore. I'm glad to hear they aren't bothering you too much. All my best, Abby ( team member).

  3. Ugh! I had floaters that were slight and raced across your eye and were gone. But in the past couple of years (I’m 71) there was a black “hairy” floater that developed and just stays in my left eye below the field of vision on the left side of my eyeball. Depending on where I am (lighted area or dark area - movement of people or things or not) I sometimes jump thinking there’s a bug right nearby. Doctor says he can see it but it’s nothing to be concerned about…I suppose I will make friends with my hairy floater. 😉

    1. @Aiyiyiyi I have one of those long thin type of floaters too, plus lots of little ones. They're not really the type of friends we want, are they? But I guess we can't always choose our friends! Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

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