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Dry Macular Degeneration: Introduce Yourself!

Have you been diagnosed with dry macular degeneration? Introduce yourself to the community!

- When were you diagnosed?
- How have you managed the condition?
- Have you been able to slow down progression?
- Do you take any supplements?
- Any words of advice for those newly diagnosed?

Share below!

  1. I was diagnosed 9 years ago with early stage macular degeneration. My doctor recommended Areds2. On my own I learned about the recommended Mediterranean diet and other lifestyle changes. After 5 years it progressed quickly to the intermediate stage. At the last visit the scan showed early signs of atropy in my right eye. I take saffron and turmeric supplements. I recently increased the turmeric to 3 grams daily when I learned there was a clinical trial using turmeric. For those newly diagnosed I recommend choosing a retinal specialist for your care. Learn all you can about your condition and make the recommended lifestyle changes as necessary. Sharon Moore

    1. I understand it would be hard to folllow a Mediterranean diet in your circumstances but if you have an opportunity to add any fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet that would be helpful. You may want to discuss turmeric or any supplement with your doctor. There is a potential supplements could interfere with your prescription medications. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

  2. Remember to get tested for Zinc issues. 15% are harmed by Zinc.

    1. you definitely are not harmed by Zinc. I was told if you are harmed by Zinc it would speed up the Dry MD and possibly turn it into wet MD

    2. thanks for this comment. I was hoping that I wasn't being harmed by it. It's still a large dose, even if I'm not in the susceptible group, but I'll continue it for now. Best wishes, Wendy, Patient Leader.

  3. Sharin Moore, yes I was tested with my initial visit to my RS after my Ophthalmologist noted my dry MD. I turned out to be in the 15% harmed by Zinc.

    1. you are so fortunate to get the testing early on. Did your RS recommend alternative supplements? Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

  4. I take a Zinc free AREDS-2 . My multivitamin has very little Zinc in it.

    1. If I can’t get tested I may switch to one with less or no zinc. Thanks for sharing, Sharon Moore patient leader

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