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Failure of AMD Injections

I’m based in the UK and was treated in my local hospital with a course of injection for wet AMD using Aflibercept. My vision improved slightly after the first injection but then rapidly became worse By the fifth injection I was almost blind and was fully blind in that eye by the end of the course. The scan now shows a circular black hole where the macular used to be. I raised concerns throughout but was told that the course must be completed. That was a year ago and the figures are below but my other eye now needs treatment and I've lost confidence and am dubious about how to proceed. Any comments would be welcome.

Thanks. Richard Stibbons Lowestoft UK

20 Jan 2019 6/48 20/154 Jab
20 Feb 2019 6/15 20/58 Jab
15 Apr 2020 6/15 20/58 Jab
15 May 2020 6/15 20/58 Jab
04 Sep 2020 6/60 20/200 Jab
30 Oct 2020 6/48 20/154 Jab
24 Dec 2020 6/60 20/200 Jab
19 Feb 2020 6/60 20/200 Jab
23 Mar 2020 6/60 20/200 Jab
19/May 2020 6/60 20/200 Jab
13 Aug 2020 Two fingers No jab

  1. it is tragic to hear about a bad outcome when treating wet macular degeneration. I can understand your reluctance to treat the other eye. Have you asked your doctor about changing to a different medication? I am not sure about how it works in the UK; in the US almost all insurance will cover a second opinion. I hope you are able to pursue an effective treatment. We would love an update when you resume treatment. Best wishes, Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. thank you for reaching out to our Community and for going to the trouble of explaining your situation so clearly. I really feel for you having to make this decision now about your other eye, and I understand your reluctance to go down the same path as for your first eye. Did the doctor suggest using a different Anti-Vegf medication for your second eye? Either, way, I agree with Sharon, and if I were in your position I would seek a second opinion. A second opinion in Australia can be expensive, as you are treated as a new patient which is always more costly. The few times I have done this, however, I've always come out with a clearer idea of how to proceed. You do have to choose your second-opinion doctor carefully, though, as trust is so important here. I wish you all the best in deciding how to proceed, and in your situation, as you know, you don't want to delay the decision very long. Please let us know how you go. We are all thinking of you. Warm wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

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