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What has your experience been with Eylea and/or Beovu injections?

Have had Eylea injections monthly for 2-1/2 years. In February I had a subretinal hemorrhage and was give Beovu every month from February thru July. I have had 4 subretinal hemorrhages since. What has your experience been using Eylea and/or Beovu?

  1. I have been getting Eylea shots in both eyes for several years now (lost count ) my Doctor said they are the best .

    1. Thanks so much for weighing in and sharing your experience, ! - Shelby, Team Member

  2. I have had Eylea injected for a couple of years in both eyes and was switched to Beovu. Largely because I was requiring shots almost every 4 weeks. Shot burden was creating more floaters and higher iop.Beovu Had an amazing effect on my eyes-they felt normal and vision was 20-20. I Only had 2 shots in the loading phase and then the US specialist began seeing adverse events-I think 1 in every 10,000 injections. I was switched back to Eylea but long to try the Beovu again as the Eylea results are not nearly as good. That being said I would like to know if the people who had the adverse events had med histories in common that could pinpoint the reasons for the terrible outcomes. Age? High blood pressure? Blood thinners? Certain meds? I assume Novartis is trying to figure out this as well but as of yet have been unable to find out anything. I read Amelia’s post with interest and am very sorry for her outcome. I wish Novartis could shed more light on this.

    1. I began getting Eylea shots in my left eye January 2019. I received shots every month with little to no improvement. When Beovu became available we switch for two months. I saw dramatic improvement in my vision but there were reported problems with Beovu and resumed treatment with Eylea monthly and vision deteriorated markedly and now vision in that eye has regressed. In June 2020 I was diagnosed with wet AMD in my right eye. I have had monthly injections of Beovu in both eyes. Only my right eye has improved but I'm told that my left eye has stabilized. We are still seeing bleeding in the right eye but vision is improving. PS I quit driving in February 2019 when my depth perception went haywire and I had several falls.

      1. That is so unfortunate for you to have to discontinue the medication that was working so well for you. I am glad you have seen improvement in one eye with the other eye stable. I know giving up driving had to be difficult for you. I still drive but limit it to local places I am familiar with. I hope you continue to see improvement in your vision. Sharon Moore,Advocate

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