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eye injection for dry macular

I just got my second injection. The first injection was in my right eye and the only thing that bothered me was that there seemed to be slight scratchy feeling in my eye that first day. The injection was done around 10 am and by evening I was fine. However, yesterday I had the same injection in the left eye. They said they were going to put a salve in my eye to help the scrrathy feeling. I had no sooner left the doctors office when my eye started burning as if it was on fire. It takes us an hour to drive home and once home I tried using Tears in my eye but nothing helped the terrible burning. It took almost 5 hours for the burning to subside so it was berrible Has anyone had this experience

  1. community members have reported painful burning after an injection. This usually occurs when the betadine isn’t thoroughly rinsed out. Was there any different in rinsing your eye with the two separate injections? Some people ask for an extra rinse. They rinsed my eyes 3 times and I had some burning but not like you describe. I would mention it when you go back. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

    1. Thank you for the suggestion about rinsing the eye It is funny you should mention this as when the girl rinsed my eye out she was talking to the doctor and didn't get much of the solution into my eye It was mostly on my cheek and I didn't know that might have possibly caused such pain. I most assuredly will ask the doctor to rinse more than once as I do not ever want that burning again. I believe the girl that was assisting him was just new and I think you may have just given me the answer. I will most assuredly ask to rinse my eye twice in two months when I go back. Thank you again because I told my husband if it was going to burn like that every time I was not sure I wanted to continue. Even though I know it is the only option to slow down the macular degeneration. Many thanks

      1. I am glad I was able to share my experience. Many people struggle with the discomfort after the injection. I wrote an article sharing the tips from community members. Keep me posted about how your next injection goes. Warmly, Sharon Moore patient leader

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