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Endophthalmitis After First Antravitreal Injection

This has been a real journey. The day after injection went to a hair app. The next morning could not see out of the injected eye. Got immediate treatment and constant attention. Three months now can see continued progress in my returning vision and have just received 4th injection. They are not kidding when they predict 6 months for recovery...

  1. this must have come as a real shock to you, especially after your first injection! And I imagine you were frightened - I would have been. Thank goodness you could get immediate treatment and attention. When my father has his injections on a Friday, I often wonder what we would do if something happened over the weekend - I doubt the doctor would be available. I've read that this type of post-injection infection is uncommon, but does happen and does need prompt attention. May I ask what form of treatment they gave you for it. Wendy, Advocate.

    1. An anti viral shot, took a culture, and sieved out some of the fluid Started with 3 drops 4 times a day a dialator, antibiotic, and prednisolone. I gradually dropped the number of amounts and I’m starting my 4th month with no drops. My eyesight is returning slowly. 6 months is not unusual for recovery. I had a hair app the day after injection and I’m afraid some hair got in my injection site. No fun!!!

      1. thank you for sharing this information about how your infection was treated. It sounds like quite an involved and complicated process which I'm sure you would never want to repeat! I'm so pleased your eyesight is improving. At least you know what caused it. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

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