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Dry AMD progression and hormone therapy

Hello, I'm looking for anyone that has had success slowing the progression of dry AMD, not having it progress past intermediate stage for many years, through any particular treatment or plan. Has anyone had personal experience with the bioidentical hormone plan offered by Dr. George Rozakis either good or bad? I have also read that the CY-09 compound in prozac has shown benefits in some studies by reducing inflammation.

  1. After 3 years at the intermediate stage I have now advanced to geographic atrophy. Worldwide 20% of AMD patients develop geographic atrophy. Areds2 are frequently given at the intermediate stage to slow the progression. Lifestyle changes including following the Mediterranean diet may help slow the progression.
    I read that Prozac may reduce inflammation and benefit people with AMD. I don’t think clinical trials have been done. Since I am already on an antidepressant I plan to ask about switching to Prozac. I need all the help I can get to slow the progression.
    Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

    1. I am wondering why Areds2 is so popular, as the ingredients don't seem to measure up with other supplements on the market, such as Dr. Whittaker's an Advanced Biometricians. I would love to know, as I have not yet tried Areds2 because of the ingredients, and I have tried the other two. I seem to be doing okay with AMD. But I want to do the right thing, and willing to do anything to save my vision. I was diagnosed twelve years ago with AMD. I would even try the Prozac, but I have no depression, and have heard that they can cause other problems. Gloria Russell

      1. Gloria, AREDS2 (and the earlier AREDS) are the only supplements for macular degeneration that have been put through scientifically conducted studies and shown to help. That's why my specialist recommended them. I'm attaching a link to more information here Best wishes, Wendy, Patient Leader.

    2. I am glad that they took out the red dyes. That is when I was turned off by this product. But yet they were approved by the FDA. Also, at that time they had a tiny pit of Lutein included. Someone got after them, and I am Red dyes are harmful, and 10 grams at least of Lutein is needed. I don't belief that all supplements have to be approved to be a great help to the human body. There are so many other ingredients our eyes need to fight deterioration. Gloria Russell

      1. I just had vision exam & dilation and Optom detected I have intermediate AMD so was upsetting but glad I found out asbhss been 8 yrs. since eyes were dilated. Had Cat. surgery 13 yrs ago and Rx hasnt changed much but wanted new sunglasses. No bad problems but have appmt. in couple weeks with specialist. Has already been taking eye vits and other supplements & try to eat healthy, never smoked, etc. so hope can keep things from progressing as long as possible.

      2. I am sorry to read that you were diagnosed with intermediate macular degeneration. Your case highlights the need for regular dilated macular degeneration. It seems you are already practicing healthy habits that may slow the progression. Here is an article that might interest you. Keep us posted after your upcoming appointment. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

    3. I just Googled AREDS 2 and the label I read on the "other" ingredients include red and blue dyes. These dyes are not healthy for the human body. They are used only to enhance the eye appeal, therefore to sell more products. I would be very interested if they have removed these dyes from their products. Thank you from a concerned person with AMD.

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