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  1. I have spoken to two ladies on another board who both state they get injections for DRY AMD. Now I’m really confused. Anyone else out there get them for their DRY type?

    1. The way my retina specialist explains it to me as well is that injections are given to wet AMD patients. I have Myopic Macular Degeneration, MMD (technically dry), but he also says that patients with MMD very rarely go 'wet' and don't typically need injections. But, I just saw on our awesome facebook page that someone was recently diagnosed with MMD (macular degeneration due to extreme myopia) and has received three injections. It is confusing. For now, I'm just chalking it up to everyone having different doctors with different understandings/practices and each of us having different individual needs. But, I'm for sure going to keep looking into it! I think macular degeneration is still sort of in the 'unknown' category where so many people are getting it and it's forcing us all to pay closer attention and educate ourselves, including our medical providers. , this is such a great question! And a big reminder to all of us to do the research, educate ourselves, and know what we need for our own best treatment results. As well as a reminder that it's so great to have a community like ours to go to with questions like this! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. -Andrea, Team Member

    2. - In an interview I did for macular - Up Close & Personal: An Interview With Louis McDermott - Louise spoke about a trial she was participating in for dry AMD that involved injections for dry AMD. You might want to hear what she had to say. That’s the only case I’m aware of that involved shots for dry AMD & it’s a trial. Linda Hoopes, Advocate

  2. Does anyone else have dry eyes in addition to dry AMD? For a long time I thought all my blurry vision was due to AMD. My optometrist explained my extremely dry eyes was the culprit and advised me to use warm compresses to my eyes every day. Doing that along with eye drops helped with the blurring.

    1. so nice to get an update from you. I am glad you have a good doctor keeping a close watch over your vision. We have a lot in common with both dry AMD and chronic dry eye. I bought a microwaveable eye pads that make using warm compresses easier. It puts out moist heat. Take care, Sharon Moore Advocate

    2. I use the eye masks as well. They help with dry eye and also totally block out light for sleep which was a bonus while in the hospital. I have one with lavender and one peppermint and love them!
      Thea DeStephano

  3. I have extreme anxiety over my eye doctor appointment on the 21st of dec, since I was in my mid to late 40s my vision has been deteriorating , i used to have 20/20 vision but I had to start wearing glasses, at first just to read but now all the time, in the last 2 or 3 years I noticed my right eye was worse than the left a but I thought no big deal, I google getting a stronger lens in one eye over the other and came across AMD information, that lead me to an Amsler test and once I took that my worries started, when viewing the Amsler test with my right eye the lines bend together where I focus my vision and when trying to read I notice a blurry spot right in the middle where in trying to read, to any of you that have this, can you please tell me how much it affects your life and also if you have it in only one eye

    1. Jeff I feel your anxiety over what is happening to your vision. I wanted to share with you that I have had dry macular degeneration for five years now. There are adjustments I have to make like using a magnifier for small print etc. But I am able to live a full life, continue to read thanks to my Kindle where I can make the print larger.
      This article can offer tips for preparing for your first doctor visit @

      Wishing you the best, Sharon Moore,Advocate

    2. Dear Jeff,

      I have Wet Macular Degeneration in my right eye. This shows up on the Amsler Grid.

      I also have Dry Macular Degeneration in my left eye, but it doesn't show up on the Amsler Grid.

      I am having injections of Eylea in my right eye. I had the second one on Tuesday, February 23.


  4. Thanks Wendy, the 21st was the soonest I could get in, I'm trying another appointment at a different Opthomoligest office but have yet to hear back yet, I never had a eye doctor before I always just my glasses at the places that gives you 2 pair for $79, this is all new to me, with Covid going around, it's hard to get in to see a eye doctor atm

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