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Dry AMD and Sjogrens Disease


I am a newbie to this forum and wondered if there are others with AMD and Sjogrens. For me, neither present a big problem - AMD is intermediate and my right eye is getting more and more gritty.

Have been using Refresh eye drops twice a day for a few years now and would like to know if anyone has used ointment. A month ago I had cervical spine surgery and in PACU when I was trying to read something it was completely blurry and the nurse told me that they put ointment in my eyes before they taped them shut for the procedure. The blurring lasted at least 5 hours but my eyes felt so good - not itchy or gritty. Thanks!

  1. i have tried using the ointments at night and they did provide relief for a longer period of time. I have a lot of problems getting them into my eye. I recently switched to the gel drops at night and love them. They temporarily blur your vision but it clears up within 5 minutes. Best wishes, Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. Thanks - never heard of gel drops - any particular brand?

      1. Aiyiyiyi I use the GenTeal Tears brand gel drop. There are several brands available. I chose that brand based on a recommendation from a chronic dry eye community member. Sharon Moore Advocate

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