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How often do you see your retina doc with dry AMD?

  1. I see mine every 12 months but I have to promise to check my Amsler Grid daily and call her if I see a change. I do see my optometrist every six months in between, so I get that intermediate check also. Wendy, Advocate.

  2. Thanks so much. I do the Amsler grid and tried to get an app with my doc it will take 2 months. Is that normal? I have never seen an optomotrist? Get my glasses from eyedoc. Should I get an optometrist? See my eyedoc once a year. I am new to this. Was just diagnosed a year ago with dry in both eyes. My right eye suddenly seems worse. As well I had to change every light, lightbulb in my house and got a larger TV and cannot drive anymore at night. Very difficult and frustrating

    1. thanks. I was able to get an appointment in 3 weeks instead of 6. Still not right
      I will talk to the doc when I see him
      I really appreciate your help

    2. I see my retinal specialist every six months for an OCT scan to check for progression. If I had a change in vision such as you have experienced the clinic I go to would get me in right away, not three weeks later. Most insurance companies will pay for a second opinion if you should need that. My optometrist was the one that diagnosed my macular degeneration. His clinic has the OCT equipment which most do not have. He does a dilated eye exam once a year at my annual eye exam. Please come back and share an update after you see the doctor. Best wishes, Sharon Moore Advocate

  3. Thanks so much. I am so glad I joined. It helps me a lot reading everybody's story. I will let you know how my doc reacts. At this point I am very disappointed because I like the doc a lot. I will see how it works out. Best wishes

    1. It’s so good you found this community - You will find many answers here and get the support you deserve. My Ophthalmologist detected AMD following cataract surgery nine years ago. About a year ago, I decided to see only my Retina Specialist and no longer schedule appointments with my Ophthalmologist since he can do little for any vision deterioration due to AMD. For me, changing the strength of my eyeglass prescription will not help since my vision decline cannot be corrected. At this point, I decided to see only my RS and I have an appointment every six months. Hope that helps. Keep in touch with us - This site has been such a great lifeline for me. Linda Hoopes, Advocate

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