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Does Wearing Sunglasses Make It Harder To See?

Lately I find myself taking off my cocoon (wraparound) sunglasses to see better both inside the car and walking outside. Often I can see more clearly with them off. Anyone else have this experience? I wonder if it’s because things are getting “darker” as my macular degeneration advances or maybe I have the wrong sunglasses. I know we’re supposed to wear sunglasses but there are times it feels more important to see better, especially when driving. Linda Hoopes, Team Member

  1. Yes, I feel that too. I found sunglasses that are light colored. They take the glare away from the bright sun but also let me see clearly. The current ones I wear have pink lenses. Don't look that great but do the trick.

    1. Very interesting observation. I may need to take the time to try different colored sunglasses lens to see if I see more clearly. Has anyone else noticed a difference in vision clarity by changing the color of the lens? Any other thoughts on sunglasses lens & what works best (before I checkout Amazon)? Linda Hoopes, Team Member

      1. I wear cocoon sunglasses. They recommended the copper color for low vision. The polarization makes images appear sharper.. I also have the yellow tint for night driving. The yellow works great on rainy overcast days or in fog. Sharon Moore patient leader

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