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Covid vaccine and Stargardt’s

What are the risks and benefits to a Stargardt’s patient receiving the vaccine or not? Which vaccine is safest?
Thank you

  1. You ask an important question that unfortunately i am not qualified to answer since I am not a medical professional. While age related macular degeneration patients are at higher risk for severe complications with Covid, I could not find any articles indicating that to be true for Stargardt’s patients. I also couldn’t find any information contraindicating taking the vaccine. I have AMD and took the vaccine with no problem. If you haven’t already discussed this with your doctor, it would be a good idea since they know your specific case. Best wishes as you make a decision best for you, Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. Hi ! This is a really great question. Thank you for asking! Sharon is right that it looks like we don't have any content on this specific topic. It's a great thing that you asked this and pointed it out so that we can explore this a bit deeper and hopefully get some information to fill in this gap. I am curious, as Sharon mentioned too, were you able to mention this concern to your physician? I would be curious to hear their thoughts on it as well. Warmly, Kayleigh, Team Member

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