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Coping with Vision Loss

Do you have advice or tips on how to cope with vision loss?

  1. My personal biggest supporter in coping is being part of a community of people who understand me and can help me learn more about my failing eyes. Knowledge makes me feel strong and in control. If you're reading this, then you're definitely on the right track! None of us are alone and we have so much love and support here in the community! I also go to therapy (which I LOVE). It really helps me to talk to a professional about why coping with something like this can feel so difficult. What I learn in therapy is that I must find time to take care of myself (even though I'm a mom of two young children and have a full time job and home to take care of), and not feel guilty about it. That's called self love, Friends and it isn't easy, but it's so worth it. Try to find things that make you feel happy and do those things! Even if it's just something small, anything that helps bring you peace and happiness is a step in the right direction. Today, for self love, I will go on a walk and start packing for an upcoming trip and concert with my family and friends. What do you all do for self love? -Andrea, Team Member

    1. I think finding a mentor that has been dealing with vision loss longer than you have can be a real help. A non-profit organization near me has a monthly peer group meeting as well as a mentoring program and both have been very helpful to those new to their diagnosis or struggling with their vision loss. Just being able to talk to other people that "get it" and feeling like you aren't alone can make all the difference.

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