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Complementary and Alternative Treatments

Has anyone tried any complementary or alternative treatments to help cope with macular degeneration symptoms? What did you try? What was your outcome? Did it work?

  1. I'm thinking of trying saffron in addition to the AREDS2 supplements I take. There have been some positive studies, but I believe most of them have been on small population sizes. I asked my specialist about this, and she said I was welcome to do my research and report back to her! I'd better get going on the research, I suppose. I had hoped she would be the one giving me the information! Wendy, Advocate.

    1. in what form does your sister take the saffron. Are they capsules or threads. What sort of place does she get it from? Wendy, Advocate.

    2. I believe there are some small studies that have shown that saffron supplementation is helpful for those with amd. My doctor hasn't recommended it for me but I'm interested in finding out more. Wendy, Advocate.

  2. She takes the 40 mg saffron capsules. That is what they took in the studies. They are readily available here wherever supplements are sold. Can you buy through Amazon? I get mine there. Sharon Moore advocate

    1. Thanks Sharon. I appreciate that reply. I'll have a look for them here. Wendy, Advocate.

  3. Thanks for the information. I try using natural spices and herbs in my food as part of the anti inflammatory diet I follow for my Parkinsons. Thea

    1. @Theodora DeStephano inflammation seems to be a culprit in so many diseases. I think it's wise to try to have anti-inflamatory ingredients and spices in our diet, unless we have any medical conditions that preclude this. Best wishes, Wendy, Patient Leader.

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