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Changes in Vision

Have you experienced changes in vision recently?

If so, what advice would you give to someone who is experiencing changes for the first time?

Share your thoughts, tips, and more below.

  1. I have noticed lots of changes in my vision this year. My better eye can no longer fully compensate for the one that sees wavy lines. Since I know I have geographic atrophy, the changes are to be expected and happen gradually over time. I use my Amsler grid often. My advice to others is to check their vision often and report any sudden or drastic changes to their retinal specialist right away. Sharon Moore patient leader

    1. Go to your Eye Doctor right away.

      1. I think it's similar here: service is much more available in large, urban centers than in small cities and towns, and much better still than in rural areas. It's not unusual to have to travel 100 miles (140km) or more to the Seattle/Tacoma area to find adequate specialists in some fields. We're particularly short in dermatologists, endocrinologists, rheumatologists, allergists, and gerontologists. I don't know why those specialties are in particularly short supply, but that's just the way it is.

        There is also inordinate difficulty getting a PCP; the waitlists are often 9+ months long, during which times peoples' only option is to rely on urgent care clinics, with no patient continuity. Far too many docs are opting out of networks altogether to work as "consierge physicians," eschewing ALL insurances because of the inordinate paperwork and bureaucracy involved. This leaves medical care ONLY adequately available to the very wealthy. And that's truly disgusting!

      2. thanks for elaborating. I understand what you are saying a bit better now, and in rural areas here the situation is similar. My son lives in a very rural location. The local area health service are continually advertising for General Practitioners and nurses, and offer substantial financial incentives for professionals to relocate, but it just doesn't happen. My son needs to travel hundreds of kilometres to see a specialist and, unfortunately, sometimes it's just too hard (despite strong encouragement from Mum.) I can walk to some of my appointments, and as I stroll up the street to my GP, or pop on the train or bus to my specialist, I often think how much easier I have it than he does. Some countries seem to have worked out the medical system satisfactorily. Perhaps not the USA or Australia, or even Great Britain. I think some Scandinavian countries provide good, universal health systems. Lucky them. Kind regards, Wendy, Patient Leader.

    2. Go to an eye doctor who knows what he/she is doing!

      1. That would be very unusual here in Washington State (Northwest USA). We have "front-end" specialists for corneal and cataract procedures and "rear-end" specialists for all retinal procedures... And - pretty much - "nar' the twain shall meet"! Typically, they know and work with each other well and readily refer patients to each other. But they never step into the other's specialty, not even to the point of offering an opinion. They totally respect each other's specific expertise.

      2. very interesting, thanks. My doctor will be getting a question he probably hasn't been asked before 😄 I shall let you know what he says. Wendy, Patient Leader.

    3. Had my quarterly appoint this afternoon and there han't been much of a change. But I need brighter lights to see anything and typing (which is important to my life)... has become difficult. He said there was a bit of a change in my left eye, but to continue taking AREDS 2 and using drops and he feels we can hold deterioration at bay.for some time. I am 84, so maybe I'll make it. Just thinking about what the future holds is making me extremely anxious..

      1. that's a good result at the appointment. You seem to be going well, although I know it's not easy. Have you enabled whatever accessibility options you need on your tablet or laptop or phone? Wendy, Patient Leader.

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