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Cannabis Effects on AMD?

I was a long term recreational cannabis user prior to wet AMD diagnosis in 2019.

Non-smoker otherwise.

Have continued post diagnosis to date mild cannabis use on weekends.

Wondering if this worsens or helps my wet AMD. On internet it is implied that cannabis may be helpful but I wonder if it is more harm than good.

  1. , I haven’t found any human clinical studies on cannabis for macular degeneration, but as CBD is considerate anti-inflammatory, it’s possible there could be some benefit. It’s a good question for your doctor. If you do question him/her about it, please come back and let us know what you find out. All the best, Cora Lyn, Team Member

    1. I agree with Cora that this is a question best answered by your doctor. I could find many article on the use of cannabis and macular degeneration. I found an article on the subject from the state of Minnesota in regard to allowing AMD to be added as a medical reason to use cannabis. You can read it here
      Best wishes, Sharon Moore Advocate

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