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April is Women’s Eye Health & Safety Month

April is Women's Eye Health and Safety Month!

Tell us about a woman with eye disease who inspires you
Tell us about a woman in your life who has made a difference in your eye health journey!

  1. I have an acquaintance who had her eyes removed because of complications from diabetes. Sandy lives independently. She cooks her own meals with the help of her smart appliances and phone. She has help with shopping and trips to the doctor. Her dad rigged up lines she can hold on to and check her mailbox. She is such an inspiration with total loss of vision. I have GA and will most likely lose my central vision. I feel confident I can manage independent living. Sharon Moore patient leader

    1. my mother lived a good life until the age of 96 and she was legally blind with dry macular degeneration. She remained cheerful and friendly, despite also developing Charles Bonnet Syndrome. She is my inspiration, and I hope I have her courage. Wendy, Patient Leader.

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