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AMD Research

I would really like to see more discussion on current research being done to more effectively treat AMD. I know there are many research projects ongoing at colleges and pharmaceutical companies, but it's hard to access. Some of the information is only available to other professionals in the field. Any suggestions?

  1. Hi thank you for reaching out to the community and letting us know what you'd like to see more content on! We do have some information on our website that covers ongoing research here – &

    Two of our advocates are also currently in clinical trials and written about their experiences if you'd like to read more about them and their specific articles – &

    Lastly, the NEI is a helpful resource for many in the community. They cover all vision research, but have a lot of information for those with macular degeneration:

    Hope this is helpful to you and that others will chime in and share their suggestions as well! - Shelby, Team Member

    1. Thank you for all of the helpful information. I have personally been in touch with some of the researchers, and it's a roller coaster. I tend to go from very hopeful to discouraged. Sight is such a complicated process, and there are so many different approaches to solving low vision disorders. We can only hope that some of this research will pay off in the near future.

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