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That is FANTASTIC news @glamaof7!! Thank you so much for the update and please continue to keep us posted. We’re so happy for you and are wishing you many more days of good news ahead! – Shelby, Team Member

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Hi @anya, we’re so glad you found our site and joined our community! Thank you so much for reaching out and introducing yourself. A healthy diet can be really important for those with macular degeneration, and we have a lot of articles on food and healthy vision. Our advocate Andrea in particular writes a lot about maintaining a healthy diet, and…

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Andrea, super article everyone should take to heart. I’d like to add that I changed my exercising from running to bike riding in 1994 about 2 months before I was diagnosed with AMD. And I’m a little nuts about exercising, doing over 7,000 miles per year on a bike from 1995 until 2016. When my ophthalmologist learned that, he made me get wra…

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Deep breathing and imagining yourself in a peaceful place can help so much in reducing stress and anxiety @nini. Thanks so much for sharing your tips and helping others here! – Shelby, Team Member

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Just joined and am eager to know which foods, if any, can slow down or even better, reverse, wet macular degeneration.

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Exciting news…my wet AMD is responding to treatment…the swelling is going down, and although I’ll have some scarring due to bleeding, it is still good news.

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I love your positive attitude! It’s so important to continue with as normal a life as possible. Thanks for sharing your story, it gives hope, and now you’re the one giving some comfort to others. Wishing you well on your journey with this, and keep the stories coming! Cora Lyn, Team Member