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nanadrana posted an update 1 day, 2 hours ago

Just had my 4th Avastin injection on Thursday. My doctor told me to look right instead of left. I guess my eye got scratched . I was supposed to look left. It’s my right eye. My eye is grotesque. Full of blood which they said will take up to 3 weeks to go away. Anyone else have this happen?

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dannybaz23 posted an update 1 day, 5 hours ago

I have had 4 injections since April; 2 good 2 bad. The good were just scratchy “flash burn” eye for several hours. The bad were really bad scratchy eye for 10-12 hours. I did figure out that I was opening my eye during the betadine swab for the bad ones. I told my RS I will just keep my right eye lightly closed during the prep until she tells me…

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Andrea Junge answered a question 1 day, 13 hours ago

Yes!!!! Most of the time, I do forget that I’m visually impaired becuase this is just my ‘normal’. I even forget I have a pretty large scotoma the majority of the time (unless I have my left eye closed or I’m looking into a ‘blank canvas’ such as the sky behind a soccer field while my children are playing or if I’m driving at dusk or dawn). While…

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That’s great @lynda! Thank you so much for keeping us posted and please continue to do so. We’re thinking of you and truly hope it will help!! – Shelby, Team Member