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woman cooking and using a tablet to follow a recipe

Simple Solution to Reading Recipes

This short video offers a simple solution for storing recipes from multiple sources in a convenient and easy-to-read format while cooking.

More often than not, you have saved recipes scattered around the kitchen in various formats, such as cookbooks, product booklets, emails, recipe boxes, or binders. Finding the recipe you want can be frustrating, not to mention the small type is often hard to read. There is a solution that ends the clutter AND gives you a readable, enlarged print.


All you need is one device

All smart phones have a camera – Apple iPhone or Android. That’s all you need to start this project to simplify your cooking and make it easier on your eyes.

Click, save, file

1. CLICK a picture of the recipe you want to use. Feel free to Edit to crop, darken or brighten.
2. SAVE the recipe to your Photos app.
3. FILE your recipe in a newly created file within your Photos App. I named one “Recipes” for those I have used and “Untried Recipes” for those I want to try. This makes it easy to retrieve all recipes saved.

Using this easy technique when cooking from a recipe is so much easier, faster, and convenient! 

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