alt=a woman with eyes closed gives directions with landmarks at each turn. Another woman looks astonished.

Navigating The City With A Visual Impairment

What's it like to navigate the city with a visual impairment? Christine shares her experiences.

Meet Christine

Christine is a Pennsylvania Licensed Social Worker and started a non-profit, Purple House Project PA, to strengthen, empower and transition women who experience Intimate Partner Violence.

A single mom living with Stargardt Disease, Christine shares her experiences on the importance of accommodations, the impact of her visual impairment, and disclosing disabilities. See what she has to say about travelling around town.

Let's talk about navigation

In this video, I chat with my friend about getting around with a visual impairment. We discuss tips and tricks I use to help me navigate through society with grace and ease. I also share some of my feelings and thoughts on the topic.

Check out Christine's video Finding Support & Empowerment.

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