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Finding Support and Empowerment

Meet Christine

Christine is a Pennsylvania Licensed Social Worker and started a non-profit, Purple House Project PA, to strengthen, empower and transition women who experience Intimate Partner Violence.

A single mom living with Stargardt Disease, Christine shares her experiences on the importance of accommodations, the impact of her visual impairment, and disclosing disabilities. See what she has to say about finding support and empowerment.

A helpful friend

In this video, I share my experience and feelings around the support my really good friend, Shantalea, gave me. I shared with her how I needed to purchase a stand for my artificial tree. She let me know that I did not need one because most come with a stand. With the help of technology, she was able to video chat with me. Shantalea successfully walked me through step by step.

I felt so empowered after this interaction.

Showing support, finding empowerment

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