I had no idea what was happening when I first saw the wavy telephone lines

Last updated: June 2020

Wavy telephone lines didn't seem to be very serious at first. After all, I was in my mid-70s and I thought it was probably just normal old age vision. But after a few days, my left eye was getting obviously worse, so my wife made an appointment with an eye specialist.

Wet AMD in the left eye and dry in the right

After a lot of testing, I was diagnosed with AMD, the left was wet and the right dry. The Retina Specialist gave me a shot in the left immediately (which sounded like a terrible idea but wasn't too bad) and scheduled me for regular appointments every four weeks. This went on for about five months, at which time I was blind in that eye except for peripheral vision on the left side. The RS and I agreed there was no hope for that eye so we concentrated on my right eye with regular visits, which consist of lots of testing and back-of-the-eye pictures.

Trying to take better care of my dry eye

That eye is slowly losing any sharp focusing and I'm having small blind spots appearing. The doc says I'm getting a cataract, but having it removed might cause more problems, so we are leaving it alone. It is still dry (no leaking blood vessels) so no treatment except for regular visits and examinations.

I am trying to take better care of it by wearing sunglasses and a hat most of the time - which I never had done before. I think the last 30 years in south Florida sun finally took its toll.

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