Vitamin Intolerance

Last updated: April 2021

I recently have been told I'm in the beginning stages of dry macular degeneration. I was told to take the Preservision Areds2 for current or former smokers.

Intolerance to ascorbic acid

Unfortunately, I am unable to tolerate the vitamin C ascorbic acid formula. I thought about trying to find the lutein and zeaxanthin and then using my own liposomal vitamin C, which I can tolerate, and also supplementing with vitamin e and zinc. My eye doctor keeps telling me there are no alternatives unless I quit smoking.

Preservision options

I found on Amazon that Andrew Lessman has his own version of the Preservision, however, it has vitamin A which I am a smoker so I'm not supposed to take vitamin A I was told. He also has a formula with just the lutein and the zeaxanthin and something that starts with an A; I thought about getting that formula and then just supplementing with my own liposomal vitamin C.

Stomach issues and vitamin ingestion

Since I had my gallbladder removed, I have horrible stomach issues and absolutely cannot tolerate the ascorbic acid form of vitamin C. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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