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A year ago @ age 74 I woke up & my right eye had a smear in the center, like Vasaline in my eye. In a few days I went to eye MD & was told it probably was another floater. I knew this was not a floater.

Accepting the uncertainty of AMD

Went back in a week & said I want this checked, now curved lines! I have wet MD in right eye & dry MD in left eye. I am learning to advocate for myself & accept the uncertainty.

Getting injections & practicing healthy eye habits

Will get iPad for reading & have glasses to filter out blue light. Went to SFTB & got some devices & change diet & added AREDS2. Injections every 6 weeks.

Anxious about my left eye

Living with uncertainty is tough. The sudden onset has left me anxious about left eye. For now it sees clearly for both eyes. Appreciate the information provided… very supportive. C

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  • imabrown
    7 days ago

    Your story is just like mine. I worry about the left eye all the time. So far it’s ok. Good luck to you.

  • shelby-comito moderator
    7 days ago

    Hi @imabrown, I can understand being filled with worry all the time, and I think that’s something many in our community feel. Glad to hear you’re doing okay right now and please continue to keep us posted. – Shelby, Team Member

  • Andrea Junge moderator
    1 month ago

    I love love love that you are learning to advocate for yourself when you know something just isn’t right. And you are so right about living with uncertainty being tough. I struggle with this every single day while worrying about the future of my eyes. We are so happy that you’re here with us, @crlfysmth, and that you’re finding our information helpful. We appreciate you sharing this part of your story with us, Friend. Wishing you well along your health journey. -Andre, Team Member

  • Cora Lyn Sears moderator
    2 months ago

    It must have been awful to be told just another floater when you knew it wasn’t . Good for you for advocating for yourself! If we don’t do it ourselves, who will.

  • crlfysmth author
    2 months ago

    Hello Cora, thank you for the response. The hardest part was to trust the Dr. after he dismissed my concern. Fortunately I was sent to a retinal specialist and he agreed to do my shots and monitor my eyes. All the best C

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