A year ago @ age 74 I woke up & my right eye had a smear in the center, like Vasaline in my eye. In a few days I went to eye MD & was told it probably was another floater. I knew this was not a floater.

Accepting the uncertainty of AMD

Went back in a week & said I want this checked, now curved lines! I have wet MD in right eye & dry MD in left eye. I am learning to advocate for myself & accept the uncertainty.

Getting injections & practicing healthy eye habits

Will get iPad for reading & have glasses to filter out blue light. Went to SFTB & got some devices & change diet & added AREDS2. Injections every 6 weeks.

Anxious about my left eye

Living with uncertainty is tough. The sudden onset has left me anxious about left eye. For now it sees clearly for both eyes. Appreciate the information provided... very supportive. C

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