Surprise Diagnosis

When I noticed I could not see my husband's face across the table one night, both of us said, "Macular degeneration!"

My mom was diagnosed with macular degeneration and shared with us how she was experiencing blank spots in her vision. When I saw the retina specialist, I had my first injection in my right eye when I was diagnosed and it caught me off guard.

The doctor expressed to me to keep a close check on my left eye for any distortion. I find myself looking all the time and it causes a lot of anxiety within me. It is difficult to drive at night. When I started taking AREDs supplements twice a day, it would have been better to be taking the supplements once I knew she had it.

I am 76 years old and it has impacted my reading music in my church choir.

My faith has been impacted by this and I will keep on praying for good results.

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