Last updated: August 2020

Hello I’m 62 years. Eyes were bothering me, so I went to my eye doctor he said it was cataracts. Had surgery 1-14-2020. Eye got worse not better.

Pain, burning, and blurred vision

Pain, burning, stinging blurred vision. He stated eye inflammation from cataract surgery. But also saw something he wanted me to go to specialist to have looked at. But in mean time to continue using Prednisone eye drops. Was scheduled to have right eye done but now it’s let’s wait and see before we do it.

Diagnosed with wet macular degeneration

Specialist diagnosed me with wet macular degeneration in eye. Started injections in March 2020. STILL have inflammation in eye now in July 2020. Still using prednislone eye drops 6 months later!! Have anyone else experience inflammation from cataract surgery this longing a period ? At my wits end with eye pain, burning, stinging feeling like something in it.

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